Saturday, 26 March 2011

List of useful economics links

Here is where I'm just going to store newly acquired economics links, since I've realised that I have found so many awesomely useful articles and studies in the past relating to economics that I've lost track of them all.

Macroeconomics, crisis economics and financial volatility
This Time is Different: A Panoramic View of Eight Centuries of Financial Crises
Kocherlakota lecture slides on bubbles and unemployment
An end to the great moderation?
How scared should we be of the future? (Delong)
A critique of Powell, Woods, and Murphy on the 1920–1921 depression 
Inflation, Here and There
Is defaulting on debt the end of the world? 
Uncle Sam Won't Go Broke: The Misguided Sovereign Debt Hysteria
Needed: A Clearer Crystal Ball
Sam, Janet and debt
Five economic lessons from Sweden, the rock star of the recovery

Central banking and monetary policy
Ron Paul's Money Illusion
Was money too tight in the US during the recession?
Is negative IOR effective?
Quantitative Easing and America's Economic Rebound
Difference between food/gasoline prices and inflation 
The unexpected T-bill rally
What are the preconditions for hyperinflation?
Dollar debasing and other short stories | Further comments from Salmon
Maintaining Price Stability in a Global Economy
Hard money advocates are their own worst enemy
On the contribution of monetary policy to economic fluctuations
Interview with Joe Gagnon on Quantitative Easing, its Criticisms and the Argument for QE3?
Fantasy Fed options
Bernanke is not that inflationary
Six myths of us monetary policy
$7.77 trillion in secret Federal Reserve loans to banks?

Econometrics and forecasting
How should we make economic forecasts?

General macroeconomics introductions and basics
Delong intro to macroeconomics

Finance and regulation
Is London losing its allure? 
A new Glass-Steagall?
Can the US adopt the canadian banking model?
Defense of Dodd-Frank, Part 1
How maths killed Lehman Brothers
Over-regulated America

Questions regarding the scientific rigour of economics
The Credibility Revolution in Empirical Economics
Economics: A modest intellectual discipline
Did economists see this coming?
Economics is very hard
Is economics a science?

Bubble watch
Is there a canadian bubble?

Economic theory and assumptions
Predictably irrational or predictably rational? 
Sumner on EMH
Why I am not an Austrian

Economic growth
US economic growth in the gilded age
How much of the productivity surge of 2007-2009 was real?
Has middle America Stagnated?

There is no federal debt crisis.

Impressive counter-petition in favour of healthcare

Developmental economics
African poverty: Falling faster than you think
Will India surpass the US in the future? <--(recently been plagued with ads and such :( )

Taxes and redistribution
Spreading the Wealth Around

Kauffman videos
Review of Taleb's Black Swan || Of The Bed of Procrustes
The Harvard economist who stopped just studying the world and began trying to fix it
Economists at sillicon valley
John H Cochrane. In defense of the hedgehogs.

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